ECO MASTER 6. Maintenance

6.1 Supplement Compound

Supplement Compound when “Compound Adding” message appears on Main menu Screen. Confirm that the bottle is over 3/4 filled with Compound before operation.

6.2 Supplement Water

The height of the Polish Water must be higher than the Water Supply Pipe. (Note “Lower Level” label)
Confirm the height of Polish Water before operation. More water is better than too little water. Abrasion without supplying Polish Water can cause disc and Pad damage.

6.3 Daily maintenance

1) The Drainage Pipe has to be turned facing upward before removing the 1st tank.
Remove the 1st Tank by pulling the handle and pulling it forwards. Be careful of the funnel.

2) Remove the Pipe assembly and the first filter.

3) Clean up the Reactor Outer-Pipe with water. Clean the inside with the brush provided. But, Do not use a brush on the Outside of the Outer-Pipe. Use a soft cloth only.

4) Clean up the Funnel using brush and water.

5) Put a new 1st Filter in the 1st Tank and turn the end over the top of the Tank. Expand the inside of the 1st Filter.

6) Pour Polish Water to 1st Tank.
Polish Water is needed! Fill up to the level of the drainage tube. Make it according to the standard mixture ratio with Distilled Water and “Solution D”.

7) Re-assemble all the parts as they were before.

8) Install the 1st Tank on top of the 2nd Tank Make sure that Terminal contact brackets make firm contact with the inner and outer pipes.

9) Rotate the Drainage Pipe downwards
and put it into the hole of the 2nd Tank.

6.4 Weekly maintenance

Cleaning the machine is necessary to insure continued operation and good performance. Wipe down all surfaces that accumulate debris and residue from the disc repairing process. This may be done on weekly basis or on a daily basis. Use your judgment based on the number of discs repaired and the amount of residue build-up in the machine. A clean machine will always perform better than a dirty one!

Especially, clean up the “Splash Cover” and the “Turntable” with a soft cloth. Also, clean the hex shaped hole in the middle of the turntable. Using a standard liquid glass cleaner on the cloth helps.

  • 1. Safety Precautions
  •  1.1 Explanation
  •  1.2 Table of Illustrated Symbols
  •  1.3 Fundamental Matters of “WARNING!” and “CAUTION!”
  •  1.4 Requirements for Installation
  • 2. Contents of packing
  • 3. Description and Function of Each Part
  •  3.1 Main Body
  •  3.2 Operation Part
  •  3.3 Abrasive Unit
  •  3.4 Loading Unit
  •  3.5 Platen Unit
  •  3.7 Pump and Water Recycle Unit
  •  3.8 Pad Holders
  • 4. Set Up
  •  4.1 Set up Changer Unit and Power Supply
  •  4.2 Set up Water Recycle System
  •  4.3 Preparation for Operation
  •   4.3.1 Setting spindle
  •   4.3.2 Turning on the power
  •   4.3.3 Preparation of Water and Compound
  • 5. Operation
  •  5.1. Power on
  •  5.2. Power off
  •  5.3. Initialization
  •  5.4. Select Menu - Repairing Discs
  •   5.4.2 Sanding (For very deep scratch removal on CD’s only)
  •  5.5 During operations
  •  5.6 During a pause
  •  5.7 Check(Brings up many displays of statistics and parameters.)
  •   5.7.1 Running total
  •   5.7.2 Warning
  •   5.7.3 Repair history
  •  5.8 Error Messages
  •  5.9 Error List
  • 6. Maintenance
  •  6.1 Supplement Compound
  •  6.2 Supplement Water
  •  6.3 Daily maintenance
  •  6.4 Weekly maintenance
  • 7. Caution
  • 8. Service
  • 9. Specifications
  • 10. Wiring Diagram
  • 11. Replacement Parts