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<h3>AUTO SMART</h3>
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<p>Fast! Neat! Clean! Quiet! Easy to Use! Affordable! Now available with NEW eye catching Decal...get you customers asking about disc repair by appealing to their curiosity.</p>
<p>Fully Automatic &amp; microprocessor controlled... Place a disc on the spindle, close the door, and select therepair required. Door opens automatically when disc is fully restored to new condition.</p>
<p>Not just a buffer, but a full service machine... to both clean and repair your valuable discs! Fast - cleans in less than 1 minute... repairs most discs in 3 minutes or less. The liquid-cooled process safely removes even deep scratches without harming the disc. No heat!</p>
<p>Discs are perfectly restored, clean and dry right out of the machine. Save labor! Save time! Save money! No hand finishing or wiping discs required. Patented micro-abrasive pads provide the highest quality other process comes even close!</p>
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<h3>Eco Super</h3>
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<p><strong>Nothing in the Industry Comes Close to These Performance Parameters:</strong></p>
<li>Performs 250 light, medium or deep disc repairs per hour</li>
<li>Holds 500 discs in both the input and output stations</li>
<li>Restores CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs and Game Discs — any 5-inch disc</li>
<li>Wet process removes even deep scratches safely</li>
<li>Exclusive flat polishing technology means DVDs can be safely rejuvenated many times</li>
<li>Completely self-contained with internal water recycling systems</li>
<li>All discs come out of the machine dry and look and play like new</li>
<li>Clean, quiet and operator friendly with LCD touch -screen functions</li>
<li>Size: 47" H x 40" W x 32" D</li>
<li>Power Requirements: 208-220 VAC, 60 Hz, 30 Amps</li>
<li>Designed for large volume video rental groups, disc resellers, disc repair services</li>
<li>Improve disc quality. Increase profits.</li>