$999.00 $1,895.00

Factory Refurbished ECO Pro2 Machines were either trade-in's, used in our Pay As You Go Program, expired leases, buy-backs, etc...they have all been FULLY refurbished with new parts, software, and anything that needed to be upgraded that allows us to offer a 6-month warranty.

All Factory refurbished ECO Pro2's have been re-built and certified by our factory technicians in our Buffalo Grove, Illinois facility, or by our parent company, "The Factory" ELM Japan.

See specifications and product information, see the new ECO Pro2 page, since it is the same great machine.

Factory Refurbished ECO Pro2's include a 6-month parts and labor warranty, original packaging, start-up supply kit, operation manual and the friendly and helpful support you deserve.

STARTER Supply pack is good for 800 repair cycles plus 800 mirror-finish polish cycles. The STARTER kit includes 1 set of ROUGH repair pads and 1 set of MIRROR Finishing pads, compound and an 800 minute card.