Repack-It XL Over-Wrapping Machine

$475.00 $625.00

Over-Sized Over-Wrapping Machine

NEW! XL version has no recess like on the Repack-It 2, opening up possibilities to repackage Discs, Box Sets and any other type of small to medium sized box.

With this machine you can wrap your pre-owned disc cases and small to medium sized boxes, such as VAP, E-Cig & VAP Liquid Boxes, Watches, Cell Phones, etc., in high quality plastic wrap, comparable with the original packaging. The Heat Plate is about 3.5" Tall (9cm).

Selling your used Disc Titles and Boxed Goods in sealed packages boosts the perceived value of the product, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty - it also protects your discs from theft and accidental damage.

This product works particularly well alongside an ELM ECO Disc Repair Machine - to give your customers the look and feel of a brand new title but for a fraction of the price.

This revolutionary patented tabletop over-wrapper is fast, easy to use and cost effective, providing professionally finished short-run packaging in a matter of seconds.

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Don't just take our word for it:

"Had I known just how much this machine would have helped my business I'd have bought one years ago. Simple to use, no mess and a professional finish everytime".
Pete McAlister

"No problems what so ever, great product. I was expecting the sheets to be a bit thick and plastic looking but they are as close to the original oem packs as you can get. Fantastic quality".
Scott Campbell

"Fantastic Little Machine!, Easy and Simple to use and would fully recommend it to anyone! Making many of my customers very happy!"
Russell Wilks  

"After having used the Repack-It for a few weeks now, I want to report that I'm thrilled with it! It makes a huge difference to my business and has proven to be a fantastic investment".
Tiffany M


What’s in the Box?

  • Repack-XL Disc Case Wrapping Machine
  • Starter pack of 50 x Standard size sheets
  • Heat plate protective cover
  • 1 year standard warranty
  • Power lead
  • User guide