DGT Disc Go Devil 2.0


A new, improved version of the very popular, Disc Go Devil.

The Devil 2.0 delivers GREAT repair results in a single step.

The Devil 2.0 is a very easy to use machines...simply open the lid, insert the disc, close the lid, pick the repair cycle you want and press start – it’s that easy!

Repairs all disc formats. Uses long lasting, self-contained supplies and has a self-cleaning function.

The Devil 2.0’s digital counters track repair totals and supplies usage, and shows messages when the supplies need to be changed. This powerful unit is also self-contained within a strong metal frame for excellent reliability and durability. Suitable for any type of customer, the Devil 2.0 has a small footprint and delivers the quality of results typically achieved by top-end machines for a great price.


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ELM USA is the exclusive global distributor of all DGT products. The DGT supplies we offer are original OEM products manufactured by RTI/DGT Disc-Go-Technologies.