Disc Repair Machine - ECOPro2 LIMITED TIME OFFER

$1,350.00 $1,895.00

The ECOPro2 is a single disc, fully automatic disc repair system for CDs, DVDs, Books on Disc, Blu-ray, and even the latest game discs.  The disc repair machine of choice for over 4,000 stores and libraries all over the world.


The NEWLY improved EcoPro-2 has new features that make a great product even better.

  • FULLY AUTOMATIC - Just insert a disc & close the door. It's that simple!! The door will even open automatically when the disc is ready to go back on the shelf and into circulation.
  • SUPER FAST PROCESS - Clean & repair disc's in as little as 30 seconds.
  • SUPER QUIET PROCESS - The ultra-quiet design is perfect for a library or retail environment. 
  • FROM THE MACHINE BACK TO THE SHELF - No hand finishing or cleaning after the repair process. With all of the ECO brand Disc Repair Systems, discs come out of the machine clean, dry, free of residue and ready to go back on the shelf. Compare that to ANY of the competitors machines.
  • NO HOSES OR DRAINS - The ECOPro2 is completely self contained and requires no water hookups, drains or plumbing.
  • NO MESS - Do you really want your staff subjected to the mess the other brands make. ECO Brand Disc Repair Systems are the cleanest repair process available. Try the others, then compare. Just make sure you bring a change of clothes when trying the others.
  • TABLE TOP DESIGN - At just 15 lbs and a very small footprint (11" x 7.5" x 12.5"), the ECOPro2 can be placed virtually anywhere and moved easily by anyone. In fact, many libraries place their ECOPro2 at the circulation desk and rental stores near the cash register!
  • VERY LOW COST PER DISC - ECO Brand disc repair systems have the lowest cost per disc than any other machine. AS LOW AS 5 CENTS PER REPAIR!!! 
  • HIGH QUALITY JAPANESE DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE - The ECOPro2 is extremely reliable, easy and inexpensive to maintain.

ECO Disc Repair Machine Comparison Sheet

Included with the ECO Pro2 is one STARTER Supply pack good for 800 repair cycles plus 800 mirror-finish polish cycles. The STARTER kit has 1 set of ROUGH repair pads and 1 set of MIRROR Finishing pads.