Disc Repair Supplies Explained

How many supplies do I need and how do I order them?

How are they packaged?

Why do I need them?


ECOPro2 supplies come in what we call a 800 minute repair pack. In a repair Pack you will receive 2 sets of repair pads (4 pads total), 200 ml of polish and a Key card. Sometimes there is compound left over from previously purchased kits. In that case, we offer a lower priced kit without the compound. IE: 800 minute keycard and 4 pads.

The KeyCard

  • The Eco PRO-2 has a KeyCard system that ensures the correct polish and pad combo is used in the machine and the pads are not overly used which can severely damage your machine.
  • The KeyCard comes with each consumable pack and is programmed to expire after 800 mins of repair time so that's a maximum of 1600 discs when repaired on the 30 second repair cycle. There are some instances when you will need to run the disc on the 60 second cycle (or maybe more) for very deeply scratched discs. So this means the 60 second repair will use 1 minute of the 800 minute keycard.

The Pads

The repair pads are made from two layers of a soft absorbent foam. The outer white layer is a rough surface that will aggressively repair the scratched discs. The liquids used in the repair process are captured within the pads. Once the pads are "full" or "saturated", the ECOPRO will instruct you to change the pads (wash them) by flashing a "CP" code. The Pads are easily removed (velcro backed) and the pads are then washed under cold water ready to be used until the 800 minutes have expired.

ECO Smart, AutoSmart, Master & Senior Supplies: 

These machines supplies are sold "ALA CARTE" or sold individually.

The Pads

Their are two types of pads for these machines.

  1. Stage 1, the final polishing pad is made from soft foam and you should be able to achieve up to 250 repairs from a single foam pad.
  2. Stage 2 thru 5, the sanding process. These pads are varying levels of micro-abrasive sanding pads that use a wet process to ensure a perfect repair. You should be able to achieve up to 50 repairs from a single pad.  
    • Stage 1 BLACK pad is for the final polishing stage and make your disc shine like new
    • Stage 2 YELLOW pad is for the finish sanding stage
    • Stage 3 GREEN pad is the light sanding stage
    • Stage 4 RED pad is for the medium sanding stage
    • Stage 5 BLUE is for the deep sanding stage. The BLUE pad can only be used in the ECOSmart, ECOMaster and ECOSenior.
    • PURPLE pad. This pad is for Blu-ray repair only and can ONLY be used if your machine is Blu-ray capable. If you are unsure, call us and we can tell you.

However, you will not always use every sanding pad on every disc. For instance, if a disc is lightly scratched, you will select the LIGHT sanding stage (GREEN BUTTON). This means it would start with the GREEN pad and only use the GREEN, YELLOW and BLACK. If a disc was DEEPLY scratched, then you may select the RED or BLUE button. Most ECO users order more of the RED, GREEN and YELLOW pads and less of the BLUE. The PURPLE pad is used for just Blu-ray repair.During this process it only uses the PURPLE and BLACK pads.

Polishing Compound

Polishing compound is used during the final polishing stage and with the BLACK pad. Polishing compound is sold in both a 750 ml and 150 ml bottles. You will achieve about 7,000 repairs from the 750 ml bottle, and about 1,400 repairs from the 150 ml bottle. These figures can change dramatically and are just a general assumption based on average use.

Solution D Water Conditioner

Solution D is used to condition the water used during all stages of the repair process and breaks the tension between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the water, so that the water coats the disc and does not bead up and run off like it would on your waxed car. Bet you didn't think it was that technical, eh? Solution D is sold in a 500 ml bottle and you should achieve a couple thousand repairs from a bottle in the ECOSmart, ECOAutosmart, and ECOSenior. The ECOMaster has a unique recycling system built-in and recycles and cleans the conditioned water. You can achieve up to 7,000 repairs from a 500 ml bottle on the ECOMaster. 

ECOMaster also uses:

  • Reactor Pipe which keeps the metal parts in your ECOMaster safe from corrosion. You should be able to achieve 1000+ repairs from each Reactor pipe.
  • First Filters which keeps the recycling water clean. You should be able to achieve 150+ repairs from each filter.