ECO PRO2 INSTRUCTION 22. Trouble shooting

Compound is not flowing from nozzles when Compound Pump is turned on:

Main cause: There is a clog in the polish tubing.


Remove any dried polish from the nozzles in the lidusing a paper clip.

Turn Compound Pump on again, and let it run for a few seconds.

If compound doesn't start flowing, stop the Compound Pump and go to Step2.

Reverse the Compound Pump:

Press and hold “START” and “STOP” button, and then press “FUNC” button.

The LCD displays “Compound Pump Rev”, and the Platen Table begins rotating counter clockwise to run the Compound Pump in reverse, so the compound will flow back into the bottle.

Let the Compound Pump run in reverse for a few minutes.

If the clog in the tubing clears, you will see the compound flowing into the bottle through the clear tubing in the back of the Unit.

Even if you do not see the compound flowing into the bottle, turn the Compound Pump off after a few minutes, and run it in the for ward direction to see if the compound now flows from the nozzles.

If there is still a clog in the tubing, please call PLENTY +81-3-5436-4884 for assistance.