ECO PRO2 INSTRUCTION 4. Setting up the EcoPro

Attach the Bottle Holder

1. Loosen and set aside the bottle holder thumbscrew from the back of the machine.

2. Hook up the Bottle Holder to the back of the Unit by inserting the hooks of the Bottle Holder into The slits in the back and then slide the holder to the left to lock it in place.

3. Secure the Bottle Holder byre-installing and tightening the Bottle Holder Thumb Screw.

Prepare the Water and Compound Bottles

4. Pour 350 ml of water into the Water Bottle. Attach the Water Bottle Cap, tighten the lid, and push the Water Supply Tube into the bottle.

Prepare the Water and Compound Bottles cont’d.

Shake the Compound Bottle
5. Uncap the Compound Bottle and attach the bottle to the Compound Bottle Cap.

Attach the Compound Bottle and the Water Bottle to the Bottle Holder as shown.