ECO PRO2 INSTRUCTION 9. Repairing Discs

1. Place a disc on the white Platen Table, with the label side down.

2. Select the Disc mode depending on the kind of the disc to repair.

Pressing “FUNC” button changes “CD/DVD” mode and “BD” mode alternately. BD refers to Blu-ray discs.

When the machine is in standby , the LCD displays “CD/DVD” on the first line with “CD/DVD” mode, and “BD” with “BD” mode. The remaining time of the KEY CARD is displayed on the second line.

Select “CD/DVD” mode for repairing CDs and DVDs, or “BD” mode for repairing BD (Blu-ray Discs) And Hard-Coat Discs

3. Close the lid; the disc repair process will begin automatically.

Repairing Disc Cont’d.

4. The LCD display shows the remaining time during the repair process.

5. The LCD displays “Drying” on the second line and the characters blink when the disc drying process begins.

6. After finishing the disc drying process, the Lid opens automatically, and then the Platen Tables tops.

If there is compound residue left on the disc, wipe it gently with a soft cloth.

All Blu-ray discs will need to be wipe dafter repair to remove compound residue.

Stopping the Repair Session

Pressing the “STOP” button during the disc repair terminates the process.

The lid will open and the Platen will stop spinning.