Why is Dried Polish Compound Left on My Disc After an ECO-Pro Repair?

Polish compound tends to slowly dry in the lines and thicken.  Therefore, it dries onto the disc instead of being polished off during the repair. This is especially true for customers that do a small number of repairs each week.

Your ECO-Pro 2 uses a very small amount of compound during a repair. In fact, the compound pump only runs for less than a second during a 30-second repair.  This means it takes 40 to 50 repairs to move fresh compound from the bottle to the nozzles. 

To resolve this issue…

1 - Run the compound pump in reverse mode.
  • Open the lid of your machine.
  • Press and hold down the START and STOP buttons simultaneously.
  • While holding, press the FUNC button to initialize the reverse mode.
  • Let the compound pump run in reverse. Typically, it runs for about a minute and then shuts off automatically.

2 - Repeat the reverse mode operation (step 1), as stated above.

3 - Shake up the compound bottle.

  • After completing the reverse cycles, shake the compound bottle well. This helps to reconstitute the compound that was removed from the lines during reverse mode.

4 - Run the pump in forward mode.

  • Start the compound pump in forward mode (STOP and FUNC).
  • Continue running the pump in forward mode until you observe the compound coming out of both nozzles again.

This should be done once a week for the optimal performance of your machine. Remember, the compound and its viscosity is very important to the proper running and disc finish of your machine.