ECO Pro Mirror Finish Polishing Pads


These pads are used in the ECO Pro and ECO Pro2 to give your discs a mirror finish. THEY ARE SOLD AS A SET OF 2 PADS

We had many customers ask for a way to get a better, more mirror finish to their discs on the ECO Pro series disc repair machines.

To use them, you first remove the scratches from the disc using the standard pad with the white surface. Then you run these pads for 30-60 seconds to give your discs a mirror finish.

Watch the video for a demonstration: 

This is for Pads only. Includes 2 pads per order.

Will work with either the ECOPro or ECOPro2

These are genuine (OEM) ELM pads.  ELM is the inventor and manufacturer of the Eco Disc Repair Systems.