ECO PRO2 INSTRUCTION 1. Setup Instructions

Choose a proper place for installation

Before you unpack and setup your EcoPro2, please ensure you have a flat, level surf ace on which to unpack, situate and operate the machine. There is the possibility that water may leak from them a chine if installed incorrectly, so keep any water sensitive material away from unit operational area.

Use a correct power receptacle for the unit’s electric capacity.

EcoPro2 Electric Capacity: 100-240V AC,50/60Hz,120W (Max)

Environmental conditions

Do not use the EcoPro2 in areas exposed to:

・Direct sunlight
・Excessive humidity
・Corrosive or flammable gas



Unpacking Guide

The unit weighs 13lbs(6kg),so please use caution when un packing.

Carefully lift the unit out of the box and set on a flat, stable location.

If unit is accidently dropped, contact PLENTY. Do not attempt to use the machine until you check with Technical Support.

IMPORTANT: Keep the shipping carton and packing material in case the machine needs to be shipped For servicing.