Pad (PURPLE Blu-ray Disc Sanding) - For all models with Blu-ray upgrade


Buy a 10 Pack and Save!  Only $6.75 per pad in multiples of 10.

PURPLE Blu-ray Disc repair sanding pad for all models with the Blu-ray upgrade, the ECOSmart, AutoSmart, ECOSenior, & ECOMaster Disc Repair Systems.

Note: Not all machines can use this PURPLE pad.  If you are unsure about your model, please call our technical support hotline at 847-243-4154 before ordering this pad.

Each pad will repair up to 150 discs

TIP-  We recommend that you restrict the pads to 150 repairs as well as using the correct amount of solution D.  If you go beyond the recommend number of repairs it places additional strain on the sanding motor bearings and pad holders which will increase maintenance costs and reduce the life of the parts.  This happens when the abrasive layer starts to break away from the adhesive layer.

These are genuine (OEM) ELM pads.  ELM is the inventor and manufacturer of the Eco Disc Repair Systems.


OEM Part Number: EDR-EC-016