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ECO-Pro 800 Minute Supply Kit

ECO-Pro 800 Minute Supply Kit

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Sold each, or in Multiples of 2, 4, 8 or 12 Kits. The more you buy, the greater the discount and the better the deal. Stock up now!!! 

IE: 2 Kits = 4 sets of REPAIR pads (8 pads total), 2-200 ml bottles of compound and 2-800 minute key cards

A Single Kit includes 2 sets of REPAIR pads (4 pads total), a 200 ml bottle of the compound and a 800-minute key card. The pads included in this kit are the Black/White Rough style pads.

*MIRROR FINISH PADS sold separately, Click here

This kit works with all ECO-Pro or ECO-Pro 2 machines. 

NOTE: Because the ECO-Pro uses more compound for Blu-ray repairs, we include extra compound at no extra charge. You may have compound left over.



Always turn the machine off before removing and or inserting a key card.

Key cards are not interchangeable to and from different machines. Once inserted, it must be used in that machine.

Once inserted, the key card must be used entirely before inserting a new key card, otherwise, it will no longer work in your machine.

Insert the key card so that the label side is on the right when viewing from the front of the machine. The arrow on the key card should face down. The tab on the key card should "click" into place when fully inserted.

Do not turn off the machine mid-repair as it could corrupt the key card.

ELM USA is not responsible for damaged keycards.

These are genuine (OEM) ELM supplies.  ELM is the inventor and manufacturer of the ECO Disc Repair Systems.

Part #: EDR-EC-226

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