ECO AUTOSMART 1. How to install

1.1 Contents in package:

Main Unit (1 unit)

Pad Holders (4 pieces)

Drain Hose & Hose Clamp (1 of each) Hose clamp (1 piece)

Compound bottle and Holder (1 of each)

Power Cord (1 cord)

1.2 Location for Installation:

Carefully unpack your machine from the shipping carton and place on a secure flat surface.
Install in a location where you have full access to the machine and the front door can open fully, such as a counter top or flat top cart.

Carefully carry the machine. Contact a representative @ ELM USA if the machine has been dropped.
If the machine is misused, fire or electric shock may occur.


Choose wisely what you put near machine. There is the possibility of water leakage if machine is not set up properly.

1.3 Moving the machine:


Remove Pad Holders and close the Front Door when you need to move the machine.

Front Door may not open due to Pad Holder(s) dropping inside the machine and may cause an error.
If the Front Door does not open, do not open it forcefully and do not disassemble machine. Please see P. 23 on how to manually open the front door.

1.4 Sending back the machine to ELM USA:

If your machine needs to be sent back to ELM USA it must be sent back in the original box and packing to avoid damage to the machine during shipping. ELM USA is not responsible for any shipping damage to machine.

*IMPORTANT: Keep the shipping carton and packing material for machine*