ECO AUTOSMART 5. How to use

5.1 Set-up:

1. You will need one bucket or container to mix water and Solution D and one for the waste water to drain into.

2. Mix water and Solution D in bucket or container to treat water. See example for mixture ratio bellow.


<Mixture ratio> *Note: mixture radio may vary based on water hardness.
20 ml of Solution D per gallon of water
Quality of disc repair is not assured with another ratio.

3. Drain Hose has to be connected to exit.

4. Put the Water Supply Tube and Drain Hose into the each bucket or container.

5. Pad holder fixed plate. Wipe it with a soft cloth that’s been wet with water or window cleaner.

Thoroughly shake Compound bottle to mix before using.

6. Put Compound bottle in the bottle Holder and attach to the backside of the machine.
Make sure Compound Supply Tube goes completely to the bottom of the Compound bottle.

5.2 Power on and off:

1. Install Power Cord securely to AC inlet on backside of machine.

2. Plug in the other end of the Power Cord to a three prong wall outlet that is properly grounded.


Receptacle has to be grounded!

3. Make sure front door is closed.
4. Turn ON the Main Power Switch on back of machine.
5. Initialization starts automatically
(LED display ST=“88”, TIME=”88”).
6. The Front Door opens after initialization is complete (LED display ST=”0”, TIME=”0”).

Front Door must be closed for initialization process to start.
When LEDs display [Front Door Open] message (ST=”AL”, TIME =”11”),
close the Front Door properly and press the Stop (red) Button on the operation panel to restart initialization process.

5.3 How to operate Water and Compound Pumps:

You will need to operate the Water and Compound Pumps until Water and Compound comes out of each nozzle.

Note: Compound Pump will need to be run weekly if machine has not been in use to prevent Compound from clogging line.

1) Turn ON the Main Power Switch.

2) Place a cloth or paper towel under nozzles to prevent the water and Compound from spilling onto the Platen Table.

3) Press and hold “MODE5” Button and Stop (red) Button together to enter “Pump Operation Mode” (LED display ST=”P-”, TIME=”--”).

4) How to operation each pump:
a. How to operate Water Pump.
When in “Pump Operation Mode” Press “MODE1” button once to turn pump on and press again to turn pump off.

b. How to operate Compound Pump.
Press “MODE2” button once to turn pump on and press again to turn pump off.

C. To exit pump operation mode, with pumps off, press the Stop (red) Button.


Compound and Water Lines need to be properly primed to prevent damage to discs & pads. Water and Compound Pumps should be run daily that ensure that Water and Compound is coming out of each nozzle.

5.3.1 How to switch the machine between CD/DVD and Blu-ray repair modes:

With the machine turned on and the door open, press and hold the Stop (Red) button until the cd in the ST screen changes to bd. Then replace the yellow pad and pad holder with the purple pad and pad holder on the Turret. Now the machine is set up to repair Blu-ray discs. The machine will do a level 1 to level 4 repairs in bd mode. Please make sure that when you switch back to cd repair mode, you change back to the yellow pad and holder.

2. How to install Pads on Pad Holders and Pad Holders on Turret.
Note: Make sure that the Pads are centered in the Pad Holder so that no part of the Pad goes on the raised lip of the Pad Holder.

3. Set Pad Holders on Turret.


Place each Pad Holder in the proper location on the Turret by color.
Misplacement of the Pad holders on Turret will cause bad disc finish or error.

No Pad holder alert:
If a Pad Holder(s) is missing the machine will detect it. LEDs will display [No Pad Holder] message (ST=”AL”, TIME=”12”). Operation of the machine will pause and the Front Door will open.

Properly set all Pad Holders close the Front Door and then the process will restart by pressing any of the “MODE” buttons.
Pressing the Stop (red) Button terminates the automatic operation and initialization of the machine.

5.4 Setting a disc for repair:

1. Properly place disc on Platen Table.


Make sure that the side to be repaired is facing up.


Improperly placing a disc (with the label up) can result in damage to disc & pads.

2. Close the Front Door slowly.

5.5 Operations for repairing disc:

5.5.1 Explanation of repair mode:
“MODE” button Repair mode Description
5 DEEP For discs with deep scratches.
4 MEDIUM For discs that have moderate scratches.
3 LIGHT For discs that have light scratches.
2 VERY LIGHT For discs that have very light scratches.
1 CLEAN/POLISH For discs that are dirty and or just have smudges.

The above table below shows the relation between repair mode and the pads.
At all repair modes, repair processes are performed in order of highest number pad, and #1 is always the last.
For example, if the repair mode “LIGHT” was chosen, pad #3, #2, and #1 are used in order.
At the mode “MEDIUM” pad #4 is used and for “DEEP” pad #4 is ran twice.

5.5.2 How to start a repair:
After properly setting the disc on the Platen table (see P. 17), close the front door and select the desired “MODE”. The machine will then start.

5.5.3 Understanding displays on LEDs when machine is repairing a disc:
Repair mode number, ST (repair process) number, and remaining time of each ST are displayed on LEDs in repairing.

5.5.4 Pausing the repair process:
Pressing any button of the operation panel makes the repair process pause. Then the front door opens after all motors stop.
To restart the process, close the Front Door, and then follow the instructions as below;
To restart the process…Press any of “MODE” buttons.
To terminate all of the process…Press the Stop (red) Button.

5.5.5 Process completion:
The Front Door will open automatically after the repair process is complete.
Remove the disc by its edges to avoid fingerprints after the door has completely opened.

5.5.6 Consumable replacement (AL) alerts:
LEDs display [Replacement] alert when consumable materials have reached their limit and need to be replaced.
The alert is displayed after initialization, before starting or after finishing the automatic operation.

<Replace alert list>

ST LED TIME LED Contents Note
AL 01 Replace Pad #1  
02 Replace Pad #2
03 Replace Pad #3
04 Replace Pad #4
05 Replenish Compound
06 Replace/Replenish Water
07 Replace 1st filter These messages are displayed only when the Water Recycle system (OPTION) is added.
08 Replace Reactive outer pipe

When consumable materials have reached their useful life, LEDs display [Replacement] alert (ST=”AL”, TIME=”01”-“08”). Then the machine cannot start automatic operation. Press the Stop (red) Button of the operation panel to temporarily remove the alert message,
replace appropriate consumables and then to reset counter before being able to start another repair.

5.5.7 How to clear consumable replacement alert:

How to clear an alert (AL) message:

With the machine turned on and the door open, press and release the “MODE” button corresponding with the alert message. Then press and hold down the same “MODE” button until the counter resets and goes to zero.

If you receive an alert message with a number higher then AL 05, such as AL 06, press and release the number 5 Mode button to scroll up to the counter that needs to be reset and then press and hold the mode 5 button until that counter resets.