ST LED TIME LED Contents Action
AL 01 Replace Pad #1 (Black) Press the Stop (red) Button to exit alert. 
For example:
If there is an AL 04. This is an alert indicating that the red pad has reached its limit and needs to be replaced.
Replace the red pad.
With the door open press and release the #4 button. The pad count should be displayed in the right screen (Time).  Then press and hold the #4 button until the count is reset to zero. Operation can now resume.

(See example pictures below)
02 Replace Pad #2 (Yellow)
03 Replace Pad #3 (Green)
04 Replace Pad #4 (Red)
05 Replenish Compound
06 Replace/Replenish Water
07 Replace 1st Filter
08 Replace Reactive Outer Pipe
11 Front Door open Close the Front Door and press the Stop (red) Button on the Operation Panel.
12 No Pad Holder Properly set Pad Holders, close the Front Door and press the Stop (red) Button.

*These messages are displayed only when the Water Recycle System (OPTION) is added.