ECO AUTOSMART 7. Error occurrence

7.1 Error code:

When error occurs, LEDs display error code (ST=”E0”-“E5”, TIME=”Error number”), buzzer sounds, and the Front Door opens after all motors stop.


If the error continues to occur, please note the error code and contact a representative @ ELM USA. Our toll free number is: (844) 750-8628

Front Door may not open due to Pad Holder(s) dropping inside the machine and may cause an error.
If the Front Door does not open, do not open it forcefully and do not disassemble machine. Please see P. 23 on how to manually open the front door.

7.2 Error reset:

Close the Front Door and press the Stop (red) Button. The buzzer will stop and the front door will open after initializing.

7.3 Error List:



Errors Contents and Check Action
E When error occurred in repairing:
ST number
When error occurred in other cases:
21 Sanding Lift Position Contents Lift Origin Sensor does not turn on. C
Check Open the Front Door, and confirm whether there is an object obstructing the back and forth motion of the Lift Motor.
31 Turret Position Contents Turret Motor does not rotate. C
Check Confirm whether there is an object that obstructs rotation around the Turret.
32 Turret Sensor Contents Turret Position Sensor is not registering properly.
Turret Position Sensor is broken.
41 Sanding Motor Wire Down Contents Sanding Motor does not rotate properly.
There is a problem with the wiring of the Sanding Motor or Sanding Motor is broken.
Main Board Circuit to control the Sanding Motor may be broken.
42 Sanding Motor Over Ref. Contents Reference current of Sanding Motor is not normal. C
Check Confirm whether it is clean around the Pad Holder(s).
43 Sanding Motor Over Load Contents Sanding Motor takes over current. C
Check Confirm the setting of the pad properly.
44 Sanding Motor Rotation Detection Sensor Wrong Contents The input of Sanding Motor Rotation Detection Sensor is not normal.
The Rotation Detection Sensor may be broken.
53 Platen Motor Turn Lock Contents Platen Motor rotation stops. B
Check There might be a problem with the pads.
Replace all pads with new ones.
81 EEPROM Load Contents Reading of data is impossible from EEPROM.
It has the possibility that EEPROM is out of order.
82 EEPROM Write Contents Data writing is impossible to EEPROM. It has the possibility that EEPROM is out of order. A
90 Sanding Pressure Lack Contents Not taking an enough sanding pressure even though lift moves full distance. D
Check It has the possibility that the pad has reached the useful life.
Replace the old pad with a new one. ;

<Action explanation>
A Immediately contact a representative @ ELM USA for inspection.
B If error occurs even though there are no problems with pads and water, contact a representative @ ELM USA for help.
C Turn off power to machine, after waiting awhile turn power back on and try again.
If same error continues to occur, contact a representative @ ELM USA for help.
D It might be due to a pad that has been over used or if pad is missing on pad holder.
Check pad and replace if necessary.
If you continue to receive an error, contact a representative @ ELM USA for help.

7.4 Manually opening the Front Door:

The Front Door can be manually opened by following the steps bellow:

1. Turn OFF the main power switch and unplug the power plug for safety.

2. Insert a card (library, credit etc.) in gap between
front door and main body of machine, and slide to left. The front door latch is released and door opens.


Do not manually open the Front Door during machine operation. It may cause damage to the machine and disc. This procedure should be used only in an emergency with machine turned off.